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Training on accelerated memorization of information was held for employees of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC

«NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC pays special attention to the care of its employees. Corporate culture of the company is based on the fact that the main resource in achieving successful work is people, so their support is in the first place.

In order to train the employees of «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» JSC, a teacher and author of her own method of memorizing information, Asem Sembayeva, conducted a course «Turn on your brain».

Employees were presented with a step-by-step scheme of information memorization methods, thinking exercises and ways to improve memory. Participants also received a system of daily training of intellect and memory, which can be actively applied in practice.

The more a person develops and pumps their skills, the faster the structure of the brain changes, new neurons are formed and damaged ones are rehabilitated. Brain training helps to improve cognitive and creative functions. Therefore, by training our memory regularly, we improve our overall intelligence, thus expanding the boundaries of thinking.

If you’re interested in conducting such activities, please contact the Al-Farabi Educational and Methodological Center at