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Policy for identifying and resolving conflict interests in NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC

The compliance service of NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC notifies that in order to prevent conflicts of interest, the responsible structural divisions of the Company are obliged to:

  • when hiring, promoting or changing job responsibilities, avoid appointing employees who are in a direct relationship with the immediate Management or a person performing related functions;
  • when checking the Company’s counterparties at the stages of procurement procedures and formalizing contractual relations, study the composition of their founders and managers for signs of affiliation with officials and employees of the Company, their close relatives, spouses, and in-laws;
  • carry out preventive measures, internal inspections aimed at identifying and suppressing illegal and dishonest or incompetent activities of officials and employees of the Company;
  • ensure that every official and employee of the Company is familiar with the “Policy for identifying and resolving conflicts of interest in NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC”;
  • carry out regular explanatory work aimed at communicating the provisions of this Policy to officials and employees of the Company;
  • ensure the safety of confidential information, as well as personal data of officials and employees of the Company.
We remind you that if you encounter corruption violations or unethical behavior on the part of employees of NC Kazakhstan Engineering JSC, you must contact us by phone: 8 (7172) 72-52-52 (ext. 1110).