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Ural plant "Zenith" builds new boats

JSC Uralsky Zavod Zenit launched the production of boats of the Kugershin-450 and Kugershin-650 projects.

The new boats will serve as a replacement for the worn-out working boats that were included in the assembly of previously released ships, and the assembly of ships that will be manufactured in the future.

These boats are used as floating craft to accommodate inspection teams, the main purpose of which is the operational arrest of offenders while protecting the state territorial waters of the state border and the continental shelf of the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea.

Hulls of boats of the projects "Kugershin-450" and "Kugershin-650" (length 4.5 m. And 6.74 m., Width 2.3 m. And 2.4 m.) Are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy with sides of rigidly foamed polyethylene foam (polyurethane) with closed cells.

The boats can accommodate 6 and 8 people, respectively, and can be used both in the daytime and at night at an air temperature from 0 0 С to +50 0 С and beyond. board water - from 0 0 С to +30 0 С.

When designing and manufacturing boats, the conditions and requirements of modern shipbuilding practice were taken into account. They use only materials, mechanisms, devices and equipment, and also use inventory and tools of high quality, reliability and maintainability.

After the completion of the manufacture of prototypes of boats "Kugershin-450" and "Kugershin-650", carrying out all types of their tests, the plant intends, on the basis of their constructive concept, to begin the development and marketing of civilian versions of boats named "Kepter-450" and "Kepter - 650 ".

Various configuration and equipment of boats will be offered according to the requirements of potential consumers, which can be used by them for various purposes, in particular, for rescue and search operations, patrolling water areas, the needs of the fish protection inspectorate, as service and traveling and personnel transportation in the coastal areas of the seas and inland waterways and other purposes.

JSC Ural Plant Zenit is a part of the national company Kazakhstan Engineering, which is under the trust of the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Marketing service of JSC Uralsky Zavod Zenit