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The General Director of PZTM JSC was replaced

On November 24 of this year, the Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "Orman Nurbaev introduced the new General Director Vadim Shakshakbayev to the staff of JSC" Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine Building Plant ".

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors, Vadim Shamilevich Shakshakbaev, who previously held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Company “Kazakhstan Engineering”, was appointed General Director of PZTM JSC.

V.Shakshakbayev has held various management positions for many years, has significant experience in management activities.

The chairman of the board of "Kazakhstan Engineering" expressed confidence in the successful implementation of the tasks set by the new head.

O. Nurbaev thanked the former General Director of JSC "PZTM" Kuanysh Bishimov for the fruitful work, noting his personal contribution to the development of the enterprise.

Press service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "