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Solemn meeting on the eve of the Constitution Day

Chairman of the Board of JSC «NC «Kazakhstan engineering» Orman Nurbayev congratulated the staff of the national company on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the solemn meeting dedicated to the holiday, the head of the company noted that this is a special day for the people of Kazakhstan, because the Basic Law is the basis of political, socio-economic stability of our country.   

Compliance with the provisions and principles of the Constitution allowed to establish the rule of law, preserve interethnic unity, improve the welfare of our citizens.

Ombudsman Maksut Abilkayir reminded those present about how and in what conditions the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted. According to him, taking into account the experience of foreign countries, having determined the appropriate priorities, our country has chosen its own way of further development.

Concluding the solemn event, O. Nurbayev wished those present health, families - well-being, the country - peace, prosperity and stability.

Press-service of JSC «NC «Kazakhstan engineering»