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JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "and RSK" MiG "signed a cooperation agreement

JSC National Company Kazakhstan Engineering and JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG have agreed to localize in Kazakhstan the production of certain units and assemblies of MiG aircraft. The project is planned to be implemented at one of the subsidiaries of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”.

The corresponding agreement was signed on July 19 in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region) as part of the XIII International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017. The document was signed by Vadim Shakshakbaev, Acting Chairman of the Management Board of NK Kazakhstan Engineering JSC, and Ilya Tarasenko, General Director of RSK MiG JSC.

The agreement is aimed at expanding mutually beneficial military-technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia, further developing the Kazakh aviation industry.

The document provides for the joint promotion of the MiG-35 multifunctional fighter and the creation in Kazakhstan of a full-fledged service center for servicing aircraft manufactured by RSK MiG.

The training of specialized engineering and technical staff will also be carried out.

Press service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "