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Welcome, Nauryz!

The staff of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan engineering" meets Nauryz Meiramy. This year, the employees of the national company celebrated the day of the spring equinox together with specialists of the plant for the produce of defense electro-optical products – LLP «KAE».

The management of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan engineering" congratulated attendees on this great holiday, wishing peace, happiness and prosperity.

Representatives of the company's central office and LLP "KAE", dressed in festive clothes, sang songs, danced, staged performances, demonstrated various Kazakh traditions and customs: kudalyk, besik toy, konak kүtu and many other things.

Yurts with decorations and tables, full of such foods as Nauryz kozhe, baursaks, kumis, as well beautiful mood of attendees created a special atmosphere of the holiday.

The results of the competition held the day before for the structural subdivisions of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan engineering" for the best design for the upcoming holiday were also announced.

Festive events dedicated to Nauryz Meiramy are going on these days at all subsidiaries of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan engineering".

Press-service of JSC «NC «Kazakhstan engineering»