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International Day of Older Persons!

Yerlan Idrisov, Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”, congratulated the retirees who have worked for a long time in the company on the upcoming Day of the Elderly.

Their celebration on the eve of the international holiday is a good tradition for our team. Every year on the eve of October 1, the company's management meets with veterans, provides them with material assistance, and gives them memorable gifts.

Lyudmila Afanasyevna Daniel, Uaykhan Makhmetovich Makhmetov, Kalima Zhunusovna Murasulova, Karabulat Serikzhanovich Nurtazin and Karakat Abylkasymovna Umbetalieva were among those who devoted themselves to work in JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "since its inception.

Over a cup of tea, they talked about how they live today, what new things have happened in their lives over the past year. They rejoice at the successes of their young colleagues, share advice, and fondly remember the past in the company.

The day before, E. Idrisov sent a greeting address to pensioners of subsidiaries of JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Engineering ”. Honoring of labor veterans will take place at all enterprises of the company these days.

Press service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "