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A gas turbine power plant will be produced at the Kazakhstan ATC

In the aviation technical center of Kazakhstan Aviation Industry LLP, a subsidiary of JSC NC Kazakhstan Engineering, it is planned to launch the production of PROXIMA 2500 gas turbine power plants with a capacity of 2500 kW.

This power plant is used as the main and backup source of electricity at the facilities of the oil and gas and mining industries, the Ministry of Defense and other industries that require a constant power supply.

On the basis of PROXIMA 2500, it is possible to implement the “Energy Shield of Kazakhstan” program to provide an energy reserve for the uninterrupted functioning of the infrastructure of the entire country.

A gas turbine power plant of domestic production at the International Exhibition of Arms and Military-Technical Property "KADEX-2016" was presented by Motor Sich Kazakhstan LLP.

Press service of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "