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The group of companies JSC «NC «Kazakhstan Engineering» will present on «KADEX-2016» new models of military equipment and weapons

From June 2 to June 5, 2016 in Astana the IV international exhibition of arms and military and technical property of "KADEX" as which co-organizer JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering " will take place.

Group of companies "Kazakhstan Engineering" is presented this year 20 companies which present to participants of an exhibition 42 units of military equipment, and also 95 units of products of military and civil appointment.

So, LLP "Kazakhstan Paramaunt Engineering"first  will show armored  wheel vehicles "Arlan" of various modification and arms on "KADEX-2016". There are no analogs of similar equipment in Armed Forces of the republic for today.

JSC "Semey engineering" will expose new samples of the modernized armored equipment: the armored repair evacuation transport vehicle and conversion wheel equipment, and also the upgraded T-72A tanks with a control system of fire of the Israeli company "Elbit Sistems" and T-72B with a control system of fire "Sosna-U"  of the Russian Research and Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" OJSC named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky ".

LLP «КАЕ» will present a perspective line of fighting modules, optical-electronic devices, and also collimator sights: the monocular A100 device serving for visual supervision over objects in the night time; the minithermovision sight used on small arms for conducting firing in various time of day in the conditions of a haze, fog and smoke.

LLP "Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering" will expose on "KADEX-2016" the only one in Central Asia flight simulator EC145 (FNPT III). EC145 helicopter synthetic flight simulator, made in Germany by Rheinmetall, allows for training and retraining of flight personnel in all major tasks related to piloting and navigation.

JSC "Machine-Building Plant named after S.M. Kirov "will show the self-directed torpedoes intended for arms of submarines and the ships;  JSC "Tynys" will show bullet-proof vests and armored headsets, various component parts for producers of the aircraft equipment; JSC "KAMAZ Engineering" will show the road train as a part of the command and control vehicle with a body van of variable volume and the trailer with the container of repair and charging accumulator station, and also the onboard tractor KAMAZ 65224.

"SRI" Gidropribor "and JSC" Ural Plant "Zenit" will present models of the new ships and boats at an exhibition.

LLP "Kazakhstan's aviation industry," in anticipation of "KADEX-2016" completed in Astana construction Aviation and Technology Center (ATC), which is a demonstration of capability for the first time will be held in the framework of this exhibition. ATC - is a diversified enterprise for repair and maintenance of aircraft, which has no analogues in the Central Asian region and capable of receiving aircraft such as IL-76 or A-400.

JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "during the exhibition" KADEX-2016 "intends to negotiate and conclude contracts worth about 5 bln. for the supply defense and the other company's products, the provision of related services in the repair and modernization of weapons and military equipment. It is also expected to sign memorandums of cooperation and understanding with a number of foreign companies and representatives of the military-industrial complex of the foreign states. 

Press-service of JSC «NC «Kazakhstan engineering»