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Internal Audit Service Auditor

Functional responsibilities:

1. Analysis of identification and implementation of risks of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "and its Subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the Company and its group), the results of audits, incl. the status of implementation of corrective action plans in order to form an annual audit plan

2. Performing audit assignments related to assessing the effectiveness of the internal control and risk management system, the corporate governance system of the Company and its group, with the implementation of all stipulated audit procedures. Management of the activities of employees of the Internal Audit Service, members of the audit team for the implementation of audit assignments on the basis of the annual audit plan.

3. Formation of a list of detections and inconsistencies based on the results of audits, including determining the causes of detected detections and their consequences, developing recommendations on their basis for introducing internal controls and / or improving the internal control and risk management system, corporate governance system in the Company and its group. Monitoring the implementation by the Company of the recommendations of the Internal Audit Service issued following the results of audit engagements in accordance with the plans of corrective and / or preventive actions taken by the audit objects in order to determine the adequacy of the measures taken to ensure the reduction of the level (prevention) of the identified risks.

4. Advising the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Management Board and structural divisions of the Company on the organization and improvement of the internal control and risk management system, the corporate governance system, audit issues in accordance with the Regulations on the Internal Audit Service

5. Monitoring changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International Professional Standards for Internal Auditing, internal regulations of the Company in terms of the activities of the Internal Audit Service. Participation in the development of draft documents developed by the Internal Audit Service.

Qualification requirements:

1. Higher professional education in the fields of economics and finance, and / or accounting and auditing.

2. Experience in the field of audit and / or accounting, and / or finance - at least 3 (three) years.

Additional requirements:


Knowledge of the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including on issues of auditing, accounting and taxation. Skills for effective teamwork, writing and speaking, analyzing and evaluating information.


Availability of a certificate and / or qualification in the field of audit, and / or accounting and / or financial management, knowledge of the state and foreign (s) languages.

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