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Corporate social responsibility of the Group of the Company is a voluntary contribution to the development of society in the social, economic and environmental spheres, which is directly related to the core business of the Group of the Company.

In order to ensure sustainable development, special attention will be paid to the following priority areas in the field of corporate social responsibility:

  1. effective regulation of social and labor relations based on the principle of social partnership;
  2. the formation of an effective system of training and personnel development;
  3. ensuring environmental sustainability and safety at work;
  4. definition, development and implementation of a single policy in the implementation of social projects;
  5. creating a unified communication strategy.

The activities of the Group of the Company in the field of corporate social responsibility should contribute to solving the following problems:

  1. the development of our own staff will allow us not only to avoid staff turnover, but also to attract the best specialists in the market;
  2. labor productivity growth;
  3. image improvement, reputation growth;
  4. the possibility of attracting investment capital on favorable terms;
  5. effective management of risks arising in the process of interaction with stakeholders;
  6. maintaining social stability in society as a whole;
  7. stable and sustainable development of the Group of the Company in the long term.