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The main goal of the talent management work of the Company is to form a professional managerial staff of the Company on the basis of a talent pool staffed from among highly qualified and promising specialists with significant career potential.

Talent management work consists of the following steps:

  • formation of the personnel reserve of the Group of the Company;
  • work with personnel reserve;
  • appointment from the personnel reserve.

The personnel reserve of the Group of the Company is formed from:

  • Company employees with significant career potential;
  • qualified and promising young specialists of pre-university education with education and experience corresponding to the main areas of the Company’s activities;
  • of especially gifted graduates and senior students of leading domestic and foreign universities studying in the specialties demanded by the group of the Company.

The procedure for the formation of the personnel reserve of the Group of the Company and the introduction of changes to it is carried out annually until December 1.

The selection of candidates for the personnel reserve of the Company is carried out during September.

To assess the candidate’s potential, special assessment procedures (tests, personality questionnaires, an assessment of “360 degrees, etc.) can be carried out.