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New personnel and social policy: how to become an employee of the Company

One of the strategic goal in the field of development of human resources of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan Engineering" is the introduction of uniform approaches in the field of selection, selection and hiring of personnel, allowing to meet the needs of the Company's business areas in highly qualified specialists by improving the quality of search and selection of specialists.

The Company has a transparent competitive selection procedure for vacant positions, which provides equal opportunities to all candidates who meet the qualification requirements for an objective assessment of their professional qualities. The main principles of competitive selection are transparency of competitive procedures, emphasis on professionalism, competence and personal qualities of the candidate. In the Company's subsidiaries and affiliates, the labor market is systematically analyzed, in accordance with the adopted strategies, the organization's need for personnel is forecasted for the short, medium and long term. As a result of which, a vacancy announcement is published on the Company's website.

Consistency and obligatory compliance with the conditions of external competitive selection is the publication of a vacancy announcement on the Company's website, analysis of candidates' resumes for compliance with qualification requirements, selection procedures (testing, interview, etc.), making a final decision by the employer on the recommendation of the competitive commissions and publication of the results (decisions) on the Company's website.

In addition, the Company has a hotline for considering appeals from individuals and legal entities on corruption issues: by the specified phone number, fax "Trust" and email address, exclusively confidential notifications about the presence of specific circumstances and facts of violations are accepted and considered norms of legislation and internal documents of the Company, the list of which is determined by clause 8 of chapter 4 of the Policy of confidential information of JSC "NC "Kazakhstan engineering" and its subsidiaries, approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Company dated December 14, 2016, protocol No. 10).