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About the work of compliance officers

In 2020, the Anti-Corruption Law introduced the institution of anti-corruption compliance in order to prevent corruption and comply with anti-corruption legislation in quasi-state organizations.

Today, compliance services work in more than 6 thousand such organizations. Since 2022, they have become independent from executive bodies and report only to the highest management body.

Since 2023, the Anti-Corruption Service has been coordinating the activities of services and developing a Unified Standard Regulation. Coordination includes methodological support, training and information exchange.

Also, in 2023, more than 10 conferences and seminars were held to improve the qualifications of compliance officers. “Anti-corruption compliance schools” have been created in each region, where experts conduct training.

Over the past year, compliance officers identified more than 2.2 thousand corruption risks. Among them are 70 cases of conflict of interest and 5 cases of hiring employees with a corrupt background. Appropriate measures have been taken in all cases.

In order to improve this institution, the Anti-Corruption Service is working to automate compliance processes. This will ensure risk reduction, improved reporting and control processes, increased transparency and efficiency.

In general, the institution of anti-corruption compliance in Kazakhstan is developing, and the measures taken help to increase corporate integrity and reduce corruption risks.

Based on materials from the anti-corruption service