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KAE LLP will show the latest developments in radio reconnaissance and armaments at the military parade

At the military parade in Astana, Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP will demonstrate night vision equipment as well as electron-optical systems represented by a remotely controlled weapon station "SARP" and a portable reconnaissance complex (PRC-KZ) which are integrated into the platforms of Arlan armoured wheeled vehicles.

Weapon station is designed for remote firing and allows conducting surveillance / reconnaissance and automatic target following as well as calculating the most accurate ballistics and performing the sight shooting in all weather conditions, at night and daytime.

Reconnaissance complex in its turn allows ensuring the instant processing and transfer of information in digital format to the command post in real time and carrying out the reconnaissance of ground and low-flying targets by means of radars and electron-optical system that combines a thermal imaging camera, day-vision camera and laser range finder.

Arlan armoured wheeled vehicles are manufactured by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering LLP, a domestic enterprise.

Military parade dedicated to the 25th anniversary of formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held on May 7 this year.

Press Service of Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering LLP