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News "Kazakhstan Engineering" JSC

JSC "PZTM" celebrated its 55th anniversary "

A solemn event dedicated to the Day of Machine Builders was held in the North Kazakhstan region. The plant workers celebrated their professional holiday on the territory of JSC "Petropavlovsk Heavy Engineering Plant". Since on this day one of the leading enterprises in the region celebrated its 55th anniversary.

Head of the region Erik Sultanov congratulated the representatives of the sphere. He noted that mechanical engineering embodies scientific, technical and intellectual potential. It is the backbone of the industry of any state and the backbone of the economy.

“The potential of the industry of the North Kazakhstan region was highly appreciated by the President of our country Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev during his working trip to our region. North Kazakhstan machine building has a rich history and glorious traditions, which is the great merit of the veterans who passed on their knowledge and invaluable experience to the younger generation. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your contribution to the development of our region! " - said Erik Khamzinovich.

Today, in the North Kazakhstan region, 47 machine-building enterprises operate, employing over 5 thousand qualified specialists.

For conscientious work, contribution to the development of the machine-building industry and in honor of the professional holiday, 12 people were awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Akim of the North Kazakhstan region, 11 more received letters of thanks.

In addition, the work of the region's machine builders was awarded with republican awards. The badge "Kurmetti mashinazhaushy" was awarded to 4 representatives of the sphere, and 4 employees of machine-building enterprises were awarded a certificate of honor from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event also summed up the results of professional skills competitions among turners and electric welders. According to the results of the anniversary skill competition among PZTM employees, the title "Best Young Worker" was awarded to the 3rd grade turner of the Assembly shop - Vitaly Mylnikov, the milling machine operator of the assembly shop Nikolai Klyuev and the electric and gas welder of the power engineering shop Alexander Samorenov became the owner of the title "Golden Hands".

The festive event continued with a festive concert.

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