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JSC "811 autorepair plant KI" celebrated its 40th anniversary

In regional recreation center named Umbetov Zhyrau of the city Ereymentau the festive event devoted to 40-year anniversary of JSC "811 autorepair plant KI" took place on July 1.

With congratulations to factory workers the akim of Yereimentau region Ermek Nugmanov, the chairman of the board of directors of JSC "811 autorepair plant KI" Ratmir Komratov, representatives of city high school No. 1 and others acted.

General Director of JSC "811 autorepair plant KI" Erzhan Karimov thanked the attending guests and employees of the plant for the warm wishes and everyday hard work.

He noted that the enterprise successfully fulfills the undertaken contractual obligations, volumes of production, works and services grow. Annually the material condition of factory workers improves, the enterprise actively participates in training of technical specialists.

The festive event came to the end with rewarding of the workers who gave to the enterprise more than 20-30 years and left the enterprise on deserved rest, and also nowadays working.

Actors of regional recreation center submitted to factory workers the festive concert program.

JSC "811 autorepair plant KI" is the largest enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specializing in providing services for the overhaul of freight car and tracked vehicles and units to it.

The history of plant begins since July 1, 1976. On this day, for overhaul and repair of motor vehicles regulated Turkestan and West Siberian military districts of the USSR the autorepair plant in the city of Ereymentau was put into operation.

Since gaining independence in 1991 the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company became part of the military repair plants of the Republic of Kazakhstan Armed Forces as the Republican State Enterprise " 811 Military Plant of Kazakhstan".

Since 2003, the history of the company is related to the JSC "National Company "Kazakhstan Engineering ", established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to improve the management of the military-industrial complex of the country.