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At the IV international exhibition of arms and military and technical property of "KADEX-2016" JSC "KAMAZ Engineering", which is part of the JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", show some modern models of motor vehicles.

In particular, the plant is planning to present the road train as a part of the command and control vehicle with a body van of variable volume and the trailer with the container of repair and charging accumulator station (SRZA).

In a body of sliding type the equipment, the place for work and accommodation of command structure in field conditions is placed. The repair and charging accumulator station is intended for repair, charging and a discharge of acid rechargeable batteries in the same conditions.

At the same time, visitors will be able to see the board KAMAZ 65224 tractor that is used to transport personnel and military cargo vans bodywork and towing trailers on all types of roads and terrain.

Another new vehicles, trailers for "KADEX-2016" will be a multi-purpose armored vehicle KAMAZ-6560, manufactured by the Russian company JSC "KAMAZ".

We will note that the IV International exhibition of arms and military equipment of "KADEX-2016" will become one of large-scale actions in the defensive sphere. A large number of experts and units of military equipment is involved in preparation for an exhibition. The exhibition rivets attention not only experts in the field of the defensive industry, but also mass media – so, more than 300 representatives of mass media from more than 15 countries of the world will cover an exhibition.