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Models trailed the vehicles assembled in Kazakhstan will be shown to visitors of the exhibition "KADEX-2016"

JSC "Semey Engineering Plant", a member of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", will present at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment" KADEX-2016 "model trailers automotive equipment assembled in Kazakhstan.

In particular, the trailer MAZ carrying capacity up to 10 tons and semi-trawl MAZ carrying capacity of 40 tons, are now made under the license agreement with the Belarusian JSC "MAZ".

Freight car trailer is designed for transportation of various goods, semi-weight - transport and road construction equipment, as well as large-scale indivisible loads.

It should be noted that the JSC "Semipalatinsk machine-building factory" in the past year increased the supply of vehicles to the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.

In 2015, the company produced for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan 100 MAZ trailers carrying capacity of 10 tons and 3 semi-trailer MAZ-trawl capacity of 40 tons. In 2014, the number of delivered trailer MAZ reached 60 units.

It should be noted that the project on the organization of assembly production of this type of production is carried out under a license agreement with the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ). Belarusian factory "MAZ" passed Semipalatinsk machine-building plant with all the necessary regulatory and technical documentation on the most popular and sought after models MAZ - semitrailer tractors, onboard vehicles and dump trucks.