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News "Kazakhstan Engineering" JSC

Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstan Engineering" visited JSC "Machine-building plant named after S.M. Kirov "

On February 11, 2021 the Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering "visited Sarsembaev A.Z. JSC "Machine-building plant named after S. M. Kirov "in Almaty.

As part of the visit to the plant, pressing issues were discussed with the management of the enterprise. General Director of the plant Kurenbekov D.Zh. talked about the current state of production. The plant employs about 300 employees and today JSC "MZK" is one of the highly profitable enterprises in the structure of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ".

Let's remind, “Machine-building plant named after SM Kirov ”is one of the first factories in Kazakhstan, which to this day is the flagship for the production of naval underwater weapons.

Historically, the plant began its activities in the production of agricultural equipment, but during the world wars the plant switched to the manufacture of military special equipment for the Navy. In 1942, the plant was evacuated to Alma-Ata - away from the front line. The role of the enterprise in the great victory is difficult to overestimate: according to the history of the Great Patriotic War, only in 1944 143 enemy ships and 304 transport ships were sunk using factory production.

In the post-war period, the Kirov Machine-Building Plant established the production of civilian products: the plant experienced a rapid revival and development. The plant's special products were supplied to many countries of the world: India, the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Since 1991, the plant has produced hundreds of consumer goods and special equipment: from gas stoves, kettles, combs and meat grinders to agricultural equipment, medical equipment, special products and other engineering equipment.

Today at JSC "Machine-building plant named after SM Kirov ”produces 150 types of various products, as well as refurbishment of special products. Heat engine torpedoes are a key specialization of the plant; the second direction - ship hydraulics, automatic combustion of ship boilers and engineering products for general industrial purposes. In 2020, the Plant became the legal successor of a number of special products of the ZIKSTO plant (Petropavlovsk), in connection with which the Plant is preparing production for the manufacture of new special products.

The production sites of the plant include 14 specialized workshops. Among them is the design bureau, leading research and development and improvement of torpedoes. During the period of its existence, the enterprise has mastered more than 20 types of torpedoes and more than 150 types of marine hydraulics products for surface and submarine ships. It has a complete technological cycle for the manufacture of torpedoes: from obtaining blanks, manufacturing parts, assembling, testing, and up to quality control of the finished product.

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